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I-Tailored GRUP as a service company created several business divisions for different solutions offers its customers Companies and Individuals with the creation of the brand i-Tailored for the creation, implementation and maintenance of custom applications and computer systems and web Design, and the STI brand for computer support services consulting, maintenance, repair and sale of computer equipment.




I-Tailored specializes in creating web and custom applications software with the "call center" for the support of these softwares, where among its customers and has international companies.

I-Tailored also has a large pear offer to those small and medium companies that want to start developing e-commerce, improve their corporate image or simply incorporate new technologies into their daily work process.

We create, implement and maintain tailored applications and computer systems.

  • Customized software, apps and web pages.
  • E-commerce, virtuals shops.
  • Programs support/ Call center.
  • Graphic design.



    Personal relationships based on trust and collaboration between companies, workers and clients that ensure complete peace of mind in the development of software, data processing and system operation.



    Each company has specific needs that can only be solved by providing a solution equally specific.


    The implementation of continuous improvement systems guides us to the level of quality that we demand.


    We are a dynamic and innovative company, which is hierarchically flat and where communication is placed at the focal point to achieve the objectives set with customers.


STI Servei Tècnic Informàtic

Services for freelances and businesses




STI, is the area of I-tailored group dedicated to maintenance computer technicians and management services, as for individuals and businesses.

  • Repair and maintenance of equipment in our workshop and / or 'in situ'
  • Installation and configuration of hardware and software
  • Installation and configuration of networks (wired and wireless)
  • Sale of computer equipment: computers, peripherals and consumables


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Computers Managed


  • All
  • Web
  • E-commerce
  • Software
  • Logo
  • App
  • Hardware





  • Whatever your needs we make it for you

  • The quality of the design improves the perception of the product to the final customer.

  • In a rapidly changing world our research and develop new tools and systems is a priority.

  • Department of support applications; electronic and telephone support to resolve any questions about our software.

  • Adaptation to the Data Protection Act, by independent companies and neighboring communities



  • From I-tailored brand and STI, Computer Technical Service provides businesses and individuals with advice and maintenance, repair and reinstall • installation of equipment and networks.

  • We help in a plan to place the company at the starting point of the world 2.0.







Adaptation LOPD-RGPD for companies, self-employed and communities of owners

All companies and professionals who, in the development of their activity, treat personal data, are obliged to comply with the reference provisions regarding data protection.

With the platform you will obtain all the necessary mandatory documentation and the corresponding instructions for the correct implementation of the LOPD-RGPD and LSSICE of your business or activity.






  • Cloud and Safe Platform (SSL).
  • Process of simple adaptation and rapid processing.
  • Forms adapted to the activity of your business.
  • Instantaneous notification of files to the AEPD.



  • Security document.
  • Confidentiality commitments.
  • Contracts with process managers.
  • Legal clauses and notices.
  • Technical implementation guide and protocols.
  • ARCO rights.
  • Audit reports.


  • Access to your private area to update your business data.
  • Regular emails tracking to have the documentation up to date.
  • Checklist of pending tasks for better internal management.
  • Module for the biennial or express audit.


  • Advice and resolution of doubts throughout the year.
  • Legal guarantees.
  • Support against possible inspections/sanctions.

Self-service through web platform:

Through the platform platform and completing a series of simple, fast and intuitive forms, based on its activity, you will obtain upon completion of the automatic registration of the files to the Data Protection Agency and all the necessary mandatory documentation and the corresponding instructions for to the correct implementation of the LOPD-RGPD & LSSICE of your business or activity, as well as all the legal notices to include in your web pages.




  • Ownership Communities
  • Optional renewal 25€/year + VAT
  • Extra audit 20€ + VAT


  • SMEs and freelancers
  • Optional renewal 60€/year + VAT
  • Extra audit 50€ + VAT


Obligatòria per a tot tipus de negocis

La Llei Orgànica de Protecció de Dades està vigent des de 1999 i és d'obligat compliment per totes les pimes i autònoms que tractin dades personals en la seva activitat diària. Des d'un simple llistat amb els noms i cognoms de clients a bases de dades complexes amb dades de salut. També afecta a les comunitats de propietaris.

Files registered in the AEPD

Every business must have the files registered at the Data Protection Agency. Not having files enrolled at this time implies being fully exposed in the field of LOPD-RGPD & LSSICE.




Information and consent clauses must be included in forms, forms, invoices, delivery notes, contracts, budgets, e-mail, etc. In the case of having camcorders, you must place the informational poster.

Web Site

The website must include the legal notice, the privacy policy and the cookies policy. If you also sell through the page, you must comply with the prescriptions derived from the LSSICE.

Confidentiality commitments

If you have workers in your business, they must sign a confidentiality commitment, as well as third parties that can access their data (management, cleaning company, IT, security company, video surveillance ...)

Denounce sanctions

Do you know that any client, supplier or employee can denounce it for breach of the regulations and a possible inspection can imply sanctions of up to 600 thousand euros?






    The information submitted shall be incorporated into the information systems of the I-Tailored AppandWeb, SL. Such information shall be used exclusively to give service to your request. By indicating your data and in accordance with the provisions of Article 6 of the Spanish Data Protection Law, you are granting unequivocal consent to I-Tailored AppandWeb, SL to proceed, in accordance with the purposes mentioned in the previous section, to the processing of personal data. Furthermore, such consent extends to the transfer of data in accordance with applicable law.
    At any time you shall be able to exercise your rights of access, rectification, opposition and, if necessary, cancellation by writing and indicating your personal data to I-Tailored AppandWeb, SL, at the address c/ Angel Guimerà, 4, 08650 Sallent, (Barcelona) or by sending email to I-Tailored AppandWeb, SL.

    If you wish, you can fill out the contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible.


    T 93 837 13 79

    C/ Cós 52 Baixos,
    08650 Sallent BARCELONA

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